8 Best Online Tools To Check Plagiarism

As the internet provides an amazing way of earning money, so rapidly increases the number of creation of websites. And hence, novice and beginner bloggers generally don’t know about plagiarism. And copy the material of other advance websites (and don’t mention the source even) just in order to increase the number of articles in their website. Not just in the internet world, plagiarism is quite common in other fields. So there are lots of persons and organizations which are in badly need of such kind of tool which helps them to check the plagiarism.

Here we’re presenting the set of 8 Best Online Tools To Check Plagiarism. And the set of tools are equipped with a plethora of astounding features. If you’re looking for such kind of application then you’ll like this collection for sure.


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In case of Plagiarism detection application, TurnItIn is the best application to use. As per records, TurnItIn has checked more than 60 million academic documents in 2011. And this application is appropriate towards its task. It’s another part TurnItIn’sWriteCheck allows the students to use various writing tools and maintain quotations. And allows teachers to ask their students to submit reports.


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iThenticate provides the feature of plagiarism checking operated by Plagiarism.org. The features of this application are centralized towards professional use and research regarding matters. And the well-known oxford university publishers also use this application. Most importantly, this application includes more that 30 million documents, 67,000 books and journals.


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If you’re Microsoft Window user and looking for free plagiarism checking application, Viper is the appropriate application. And this app is also considered as the free Alternative of TurnItIn application. And it can easily scan a lot of academic documents and check for the plagiarism side by side.


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The name of the application ‘PlagiarismChecker.com’ clearly defines its task clearly. It allows the user to check the student’s work whether it’s copied or not. And this application also checks for plagiarism from search engines like Google and Yahoo. And by the “Author” option you can check whether anyone copied their work or not.

Plagiarism Detect

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Plagiarism Detect perfectly scan the text for plagiarism at the rate of $0.50 per page. And the application takes around 5-6 minutes to scan a single page. And after the release of recent update, the application provides new feature of SMART scanning which make this application capable to check for plagiarism like humans.

University of Maryland Dustball Plagiarism Checker

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In 2002, a student of University of Maryland creates this application. And hence the name of this application is University of Maryland Dustball Plagiarism Checker. The application offers the user to copy and paste the entire article at once in the search box. And just by paying the fee of $8 for premium version, the extent of accuracy of the checking increases automatically.


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Plagiarisma provides a plenty of features for the convenience of the users. With this application, you can not only check the text document for plagiarism but you can also directly enter the complete URL is the search box. And this application also offers you to check PDF files, TXT, DOC, DOCX and HTML files for plagiarism.

Essay Verification Engine

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Essay Verification Engine has been providing its useful services since 2000. And tiil now, it has scanned more than 150 million documents. And you can use this service for unlimited times just for $29.99.