8 Best WordPress Plugins to Improve Image Performance

Prior to this article, we’ve shared plenty of articles related to WordPress. Generally, WordPress provides fantastic platform for blogging. According to web masters, WordPress is considered as most featured Blogging platform among the others just because of its available plugins. Its available plugins allows you to manage every action on your website.

Just because of its amazing plugins, WordPress achieves good height and get appreciation from its users. Whether you want to manage social media buttons, or optimize and maintain the speed. Today we’re dedicating our articles to the WordPress Plugins to Improve Image Performance.

If you’re WordPress Blog contains plenty of images, then it becomes important to manage and organize the images properly and also maintain the performance. To do these things manually, you’ve to do very complex actions. But we’re presenting the plugins to do all such actions with-in very small interval of time. Along with the image optimization, it also modifies the performance of your website.


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Hammy automatically optimizes the images which your articles contain and creates images of different sizes. Whenever anyone opens your WordPress blog, this plugin automatically shows the images of appropriate sizes. And hence it helps your website to load rapidly, even in slow internet connection. Importantly, it’s very easy to configure the options of this plugin.

Lazy Load

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In order to equip your website with the feature of fast loading, Lazy Load is appropriate plugin to use. This plugin allows the users to see the images if they want to see images. Main this is that there is no special setting requires to use this plugin. Just download, install and activate this plugin and your work will complete. After that Lazy Load do its work automatically.


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Imsanity automatically changes the size of image and make them of appropriate size according to configuration size. Only you’ve to do it to select the image quality and the maximum size of the images. It’s also providing a bulk-resize feature which allows you to resize the images which are uploaded before downloading Imsanity.

WP Parallel Loading System

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Generally, HTTP 1.0 offers to access not more than two connections from a single domain. This plugin generates various sub-domains of your blog. And hence, browsers gets various hosts to download media and hence make more connections and which make your website faster than earlier. So use this plugin and modify your website.

CW Image Optimizer

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In order to reduce the size of the images in your WordPress Blog, you must have CW Image Optimizer. Without reduction in the quality of the image, this plugin reduces the size of the image. But its set-up procedure is little bit complex, especially when you’re sharing hosting with someone else. And it’s also providing feature to optimize multiple images.

EWWW Image Optimizer

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Same as CW Image Optimizer, it also reduces the image size without reducing the quality of the images. And it’s step-by-step installation tutorial makes it installation procedure very easy and fast as well. And it’s bulk-optimize feature allows the user to optimize multiple images.

PB Responsive Images

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As its name defined, it provides the responsive image feature. According to that, the size of images automatically changer with respect to the configuration of the computer or Laptop. Only you’ve to do is to set the image sizes. And this plugin will automatically complete the remaining task. Basically, it helps when someone opens your website in SmartPhone or Tablet etc.

WP Smush.it

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Undoubtedly, you’ve possibly heard about Yahoo’s Smush.it feature which easily optimize the images and reduce their size considering the quality. WP Smush.it uses the same feature. Mainly, there is no requirement of any further configuration. It also optimizes the images in Bulk.