8 WordPress Plugins to Take Backup of Your Blog

With increase in the virus bugs over the internet, the chances of hacking of your website increase automatically and loosing all the data (images, videos, information etc). And hence it’s good idea to have the backup of the entire website. Nothing worse can happen to you than loosing the entire data from your website. In order to strengthen the security of your WordPress Blog, whether you can install security apps or keep backup regularly. Most importantly, if you’ve complete backup back-up of your website, re-installing of files will take very short interval of time and your entire website will again reform.

In this article we’re presenting the list of 8 WordPress Plugins to Take Backup of Your Blog which helps you to make your work saved and hence, capable to reduce your mental tension. Just check out this collection, it must be helpful for you for sure.

Such Plugins allows you to save all the data in provided free space or connect to online space provider for reasonable rates. Also offers the feature to schedule the storage.


WordPress Backup Plugins (1)

WP-DB-Backup helps the users to create complete backup of the entire data and information of the database. And the output files are of same quality as you’ve saved. And you can save the data, whether in your server or download the data to your computer. And it also prove the feature to send the backup files to your email id.

BeiFen-Backup Plugin

WordPress Backup Plugins (2)

If you’re seeking for popular and featured backup wordpress plugin, Bei Fen backup plugin should be your first preference. This amazing plugin allows you to create the backup of selected files, whether of the database or all files. Most importantly, you can restore the backup files with single click. And hence, it’s providing very simple user interface.

WP Time Machine

WordPress Backup Plugins (3)

As its name suggests, WP Time Machine allows you to go back to the time, when your website was safe. In other words, it creates an archive of the entire data, files and other uploads and provide a feature to save it to free online storage providers like Amazon AWS S3, Dropbox and to FTP also.

Backuper: WordPress Backup Plugin

WordPress Backup Plugins (4)

In order to create backup of your WordPress blog, Backuper is appropriate plugin. No doubt, it’s not providing lots of features but it’s centralized towards its task. This plugin compress all your saved data like all images, videos, WordPress theme directory and the downloaded plugin directory and send it to any FTP (according to your choice).

WP S3 Backup

WordPress Backup Plugins (5)

If you need an automatic plugin to handle all the backup regarding matters, you can’t find better plugin than that of WP S3 Backup. Because, it’s providing the astounding feature of creating the backup of parts regularly and send them to Amazon S3 which is considered as the best safeguard service provider for your significant files.

WordPress DB Manager

WordPress Backup Plugins (6)

Undoubtedly, WordPress DB Manager counted as the fully featured backup WordPress Plugin. This plugin is not only providing the option to create backup of database but also the automatic scheduling system. With your you can also repair and optimize the entire database.

DBC Backup Plugin

WordPress Backup Plugins (8)

Same as WP-DB manager, DBC Backup Plugin also help you to schedule the creation of database regularly. And in order to protect your files, it also provides a small hash key and also transfer the files to export directory. With this you can compress the Backup files to GZIP OR BZIP2.

WordPress EZ Backup

WordPress Backup Plugins (7)

WordPress EZ Backup helps you to create the Backup of entire data of your website. It’s providing very amazing help option, through which you can clear all your problems.