9 Chrome Extensions to Supercharge your Omnibox searches


When you think of the omnibox on chrome you tend to view it as being a mere address bar, where you enter the URL of the website and maybe search with certain key terms on Google. What many people do not know is that OmniBox is way more than that. You can and should try many things with OmniBox whether you use an extension or not.

Even while not using extensions you can make simple calculations and conversions, bookmark pages of interest, tack on many search engines and get alerts too. In this article we will tell you about extensions that will make everything slicker and let you have more specific and useful searches providing the right results.

Better Omnibox (Currently Unavailable):

This one is an extension that enhances the correctness of the result you get from search using search history and bookmarks. To use this you need to type # then press tab and then enter your search term. When you pick one of the results of the search then this will result in better ranking of this link in further searches.


Omnibox site search:

If you are looking for simpler way to do a search site for a website that you go to then you can do this by simply typing site along with the search query. This will ensure that Google search is performed on the site you are looking upon.


If you are used to Google Drive then this one will be very useful. OmniDrive allows you to look through the drive from any page. All you need to do is type in drive in the Omnibox and press tab to enter you query and click on the item you want to look upon. To use this you have to let OmniDrive access your Google account


Switch To Tab:

If you have the practice of opening many tabs in Chrome you will find this very useful to look through tabs and switch back and forth. You need to enter sw and press tab and then put in one keyword or several to refine your search.



This one will make it simple to look through and access bookmarks on Chrome. To use type b and press tab and then enter a keyword to view bookmarks that relate to your keyword.


History Search:

This one will let you look through browsing history on Chrome and it is very useful when you want to go back and visit a page that you looked at earlier or even in the days past. Type h and press tab and then the relevant keyword and the results will show up on Chrome’s history page and from the options you can open the results you want in a different tab.


Quick Search In Chrome Web Store:

Is it too much of an effort to find anything in the Chrome Web Store? Then quick search is what you need to make things easier. Once you have installed it then you can look for any extension, theme, application or anything in the Omni Box itself. You need to type ws and press type to type in your query.


Search+ For Google Chrome:

To use the slowly but surely growing usability and popularity of Google+ on Omnibox you need to type + and press tab and enter in your query.



If you want to send tweets from the access bar then this is what you do – type in tw and press tab and type in your tweet and then click on enter. That is all you need to do with Chromnitweet.