9 Popular Sites to Download Music For Free

We all love music and are always seeking sources where you can get it. And when we are short of money then the option is to look for sources that are free of cost. But the thing is that finding such sites that have music that we like may not be that easy to locate. Many sites may talk about the vast collections that they carry but may not match what you are looking for. Plus who has the time to do so much in depth research? To make things easier for you, here is a list of 9 sites that will let you download music for free. This could help you in your quest.

A list of 9 free sites for downloading music:


It is a site that is simple to use and navigate. It is very quick and easy to download the music you want from this site and that too for free. You need to type the name of the singer or a phrase from the song that you are seeking and a lot of options will pop up and you can download from these.



When you think of Youtube you do not think of it in terms of downloading free music. But the simple fact of utilizing a video on Youtube to mp3 converter, can allow you the wherewithal to download as many songs as you want to.



This site is known as a great resource for getting your hands on games and applications for downloading. But few realize that it is also good for downloading the music that you want for free. Once you do, you will realize that this site is a great place to find the song that you were seeking to download as it has a huge collection.



This site may not have as huge a selection as the other sites given above, but the site has its own standing. The thing about this site is that you can rest assured that any song that you do download from this site would be legitimate and most importantly  free of virus.



This particular site has lot of music collections from across the globe. Which means that any type of music you are seeking to get is more often than not likely to be found here.



This site may not be as well known as others but it has all the right accoutrements to be a great site for downloading music. It has a good collection of songs that you can download, searching is easy and this gets this site on this list.



With a really weird name that most may find amusing, we would like to assure that the site is not funny. In fact it can be a treasure trove for those who love music.



Like the name suggests the site has abundant and juicy songs for you. You can either access this by phone or through internet.



This site has plenty to provide as far as free downloads for music is concerned and you can rest assured that the music here is free of virus. This factor makes it very desirable

All these sites provide plenty of choice for music lovers. Pick the one that suits your needs perfectly.