A £60,000 alien bracelet made from 4-billion-years old meteorite

meteorite bracelet

How far one can go for show-off accessories? Some might chase the best, some might boast buying the most expensive, but unique stuff is rare and rare is always costly, and so is the £60,000 Senturion Meteorite bracelet. We would call it rare for it’s made from 4 billion years old metal from a meteorite, which was discovered by the Nama people in the wilderness of Nambia. It’s older than earth.

The scientists claim that meteorite came into existence during early generation of stars. Out of this precious treasure 500 pieces were crafted into bracelets. Each bracelet contains a Widmanstatten etch pattern. Each piece went through seven stages before the final one could be rolled out.

meteorite bracelet 5

To make it of some use, RFID technology was embedded into it so that the user could synch your smart-lock system with the bracelet wirelessly. A cheaper version is also available for £12,000, if you call that cheap. It comes with a high-resilience polyurethane deployment strap and solid palladium hand-crafted locking bolts and Bezel.

meteorite bracelet 2

It’s about material and in material world, and those who could afford such costly accessories, a meteorite bracelet matters when it’s about stealing the show from someone posing with a diamond studded, gold-plated wearable gadget. There is no need to spend so much for a bracelet, but the world is full of people looking to give a vent to their accumulated wealth.

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