A Bluetooth E-Cigarette lets you place and answer calls

Electronic cigarettes have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. The Supersmoker in 2007 introduced the first electronic cigarette in the world that enables the smokers to experience nicotine free puffs. Now, Supersmoker has worked a bit more on e-cig to make it more usable by giving it a latest technology touch. Yes, this new or rather updated E-Cigarette comes with Bluetooth that enables you to make or receive calls and allows you to listen to your favorite playlist with your Supersmoker Bluetooth.
 Bluetooth E-Cigarette
E-Cigarette is connected to your phone via Bluetooth and I am sure you must not have heard about a electronic cigarette with Bluetooth functionality. You can make and receive calls on the e-cigarette while you are smoking. Alternatively, listen to your favorite tracks from your phone via the e-cigarette with built-in speaker.

There are three buttons under the battery and a middle button is a one from which you can activate or deactivate Bluetooth. When turned on you it will vibrate and make a noise. Now, whenever someone calls you just press the middle button and answer the calls or make calls (built-in microphone) without taking you phone out of your pocket.

The rest two buttons will be used to regulate the volume using the buttons [+] and [-]. You need to press on the large button above the battery 5 times to switch this e-cig on and when you stop smoking, press the button 5 times again so that the battery lasts as long as possible. So, you the chain smokers buy this e-cig this will not only give them nicotine free puffs but also work as a gadget to make or answer call or listen to music.