A Guide To Increase The Internet Speed

There are lots of reasons the reason internet connections often slow as time passes. Read this article to discover how to fix common problems and also come to know how to make your internet work faster.

A Guide To Increase The Internet Speed

A Guide To Increase The Internet Speed

Fast Internet Connection

ISPs offers even more faster internet service in every few year. So, it is good to upgrade your internet services for faster access to the internet.

Maintain Your Computer For Better Performance

Manage Disk Defragmentation, a scan disk, a virus scan, a malware scan, to clear your computer bin. A slow connection is usually the only sign that the computer is attacked with viruses and malware. Remove old files in addition to temporary files.

Reset Home Network

Internet may be slow because of a physical problem with your computer’s network. To drastically increase the speed of your connection restart or unplug the power of home network or router.

Secure Network

In the event you access the world wide web via WiFi, slowdown can take place due to other people in your connection to surf the world wide web. Stop all of them from doing so by adding a network password to secure your internet access.Use Routers and Switches to forward data from hub to different systems.

Optimise your cache or temporary Web files

These kind of files improves your online connection performance by means of not downloading the identical file repeatedly. When a web page puts their brand graphic on every page your personal computer only downloads a fresh one when the item changes.

If you are using a Wi-Fi router, ensure that it will not conflict that has a cordless phone or wifi camera

If you have a 2. 4Ghz Cord less phone and 3. 4Ghz Wireless router your Internet connection will perform slower while you use the wireless phone. The same will additionally apply to wireless security cameras. Check on your current phone and camera, if it’s 900Mhz next it’s fine.

Use Better Domain Service

It’s highly recommended to try using reliable and fast services of DNS . If you use better DNS service you can avoid server down problem.

Contact Your Internet Service Provider

Sometimes you simply have a poor Internet service. Technician help you whether your connection is actually substandard without a technician or it may require some technician.

Upgrade your personal computer

When everything fail chances are that a computer is also old or too worn-out to offer an adequate interconnection speed. With a little work on computer will make it ready for blazing fast Internet.

Replace Router

Old communications equipment start to under perform for the reason that company that provides net service assumes you installed new equipment. Such as modem connected with an old router. Fix it by choosing a new router can accelerate your internet.

Install new web browser

Old web browser also decrease the speed of the interent as many plug-ins may not supported to open in old version of web browser so it is preferred to use new version of web browser.

Block Cookies

Make sure that your browser will not open unknown and malicious programs.

Full Bandwidth

For good internet speed it is always preferred to use full bandwidth of the internet connection. You can change your net bandwidth by changing its settings.

Certain Tips

  • Install antivirus and also spyware program.
  • Use the latest version of browser.
  • Disable image file downloading.

By following all these steps you can increase the speed of your internet connection for sure.