A History of Computing: From CPU to Cloud [Infographic]

The launch of the 1993 original Intel Pentium was just the beginning of the long history of the central processing unit (CPU). After that release, new and improved CPUs came out almost annually, upping the bar for performance every single time. Clock speed and front side bus became faster and faster with each release and every time we came to expect more. Every several years a truly innovative upgrade would change the face of CPU forever. VMware from 2001 allowed multiple operating systems to run on a single CPU, redefining its capabilities. Years later, the introduction of Amazon’s EC2 and Cloud Computing 1.0 in 2006 became the new face of computing. Expectations and capabilities are constantly changing; what should we expect for the future? Performance in this day and age has really come to the forefront.

For more on the history of the CPU and Cloud, take a look at this timeline infographic. If  you’re an old school tech geek from the 90’s, you should be pretty amazed at how far technology has come in such a short period of time.  What was the processing speed of the CPU in your first computer? Please let us know in the comments!

A History of Computing: From CPU to Cloud