After a really long wait, Google Voice finally supports MMS


Since its beginning, we all know that one of the major drawbacks of Google Voice was its lack for MMS support. Well, we all got to agree. This is the smartphone era, right? So, not being able to share videos and pictures is definitely a huge pitfall.

Even before the integration with Hangous, MMS were never supported by Google Voice and this made using Google Voice number to receive or send picture messages impossible. So, you had to switch to another messaging service again for that purpose. Although this wasn’t exactly a problem for people who had carrier numbers (who could use their regular number for the task), having to use 2 separate clients to get the job done was a really annoying task.

But, as they say, good things come to those who wait. And well, the wait is over. Google employee Alex Wiesen declared yesterday on a Google+ post that Voice now supports MMS on more than a hundred North American carriers.
WE heard that AT&T, Sprint, Rogers, Bell Canada, Telus, T-Mobile and many more have signed up to support the feature. But sadly, Verizon is missing from the list. However, Wiesen said that Google would continue to work with any carriers which would like to add support to Google Voice MMS.

From the reports received so faar by the users, we can tell that the feature is functioning pretty good. Well, not exactly smoothly yet. However, this makes things much easier as you will be able to narrow down your messaging and voice call servies to one simple app, especially if you have plenty of WiFi access available.

Via: TechCrunch