Akrapovič Full Moon Concept – An advance machine design

Full moon concept bike

The definition of unique is ever changing in the language of industrial designing. This word is perhaps too exploited to believe in it anymore.

However, sometimes, it’s revived to the amazement of all like Akrapovic’s new Full Moon concept motorcycle.

It belongs to no cult of bikes. It’s only one of its kinds. Leave aside the performance because it’s a promotional piece of art. Still, this eye catching concept bike amused viewers at Bad Salzuflen Custombike Show in Germany.

Full moon concept bike 6

That 30-inch huge aluminum and carbon fiber front wheel inspired the name of this dream machine – the Full Moon. The machine features an S7K Knucklehead 1,524 cc engine, two modified custom-made Akrapovic exhausts, the frame and bodywork are shaped from sheet metal and form an extension to the exhausts, a composite braking disc, and a completely automated steering.

Full moon concept bike 2

The design is cleanest among its kind. There are no visible parts or wires at all, and it can also stand upright while parked, for which hydraulic suspension are included.

Full moon concept bike 5

It’s already a center of attraction at the Akrapovic booth, but you can expect the Full Moon bike on upcoming custom shows.

Full moon concept bike 7

Full moon concept bike 4

Full moon concept bike 3

Via: Akrapovic