Amazing Robotic fabric from Purdue Researchers

Robotic fabric

According to a recent report, Purdue researchers are developing a new kind of robotic fabric that could become a big material for wearable technology and soft robot creators, which means the fabric can move and impact objects besides itself.

The material is equipped with flexible sensors that offer added strength and endurance to the wearer. Researchers feel that it could make a perfect fabric for pilots and astronauts to fight the blood-draining effects of acceleration, since they could activate the sensors to provide compression.

Researchers are wrapping the robotic fabric around a block of foam and an inflated balloon. Orienting the balloon in one direction causes the robot to bend resulting in a movement like an inchworm. Orienting the fabric in a different direction causes it to contract resulting on a peristaltic or slithering locomotion.

If this project comes successful we all end up with hyper-smart robot outfits years from now.

Via: Gizmodo