Amazon Surprise! app adds fun to your holiday shopping

Amazon  Surprise!  App

Looking for last-minute gifts, consider Amazon Surprise! It takes all the hassles of finding gifts, packing them and delivering them to your friends and family members. Amazon has just rolled out a new app for iOS and Android devices called Surprise!. It allows you to send cute e-cards and Amazon Gift Card to contacts in your address book.

The app has an assortment of cards for various occasions like birthdays, new baby, anniversaries, and, of course the forthcoming holidays including Christmas, Chanukah, and Kwanzaa, where gift-giving is considered. Though you don’t find many designs in the app as you would in other e-card services like those from Sincerely, Red Stamp, or CleverCards, the Surprise! e-cards are attractive and are a good way to quickly send someone a greeting card in a hurry. Some of the best designs in the new app include a white reindeer on a red background, ‘Happy Holidays’ written above snow and trees, wrapped gifts and balloons with ‘Happy Birthday’ carved above, etc.

Once you pick a design, you can personalize it by adding media content like photos, audio, video, even personalized signature and easily attach an Amazon Gift Card. You can also choose to send a basic digital gift card with a small holiday border.

The most interesting part of the app is the Occasion Timeline that allows you to link the app to your Facebook timeline, enabling you to send cash-based gifts to family and friends just in time for their birthday in a way that won’t make them feel that you have made it all in hurry. The Surprise! app also pulls in events from your phone calendar and grabs your smartphone contacts. The events are also synced with Amazon’s ‘Friends & Family Gifting” program on the web, a place where the company offers other Facebook-enabled gift suggestions. Amazon gift cards never expire and don’t charge you like other bricks and mortar retail stores do.

Amazon’s Surprise! app is available for free download on iTunes, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

Via: TechCrunch