Amazon will reveal its new product soon… Check out what it is!

Amazon has released the teaser of its new product without even showing the device. The company’s CEO Jeff Bezos will reveal the product at an event in Seattle on June 18th. People’s reaction to the product leads us to the conclusion that it is something exciting and has some kind of 3D experience.
Amazon will announce 'amazing'
Since quite a long time, there was news in the air that Amazon had been developing a smartphone with 3D display. Also, this is Amazon’s first shot at a smartphone. The previous products of Amazon have all been about its app store and eco system of products.

So, Amazon will need something which is really exciting to win people who are already familiar with phones from Samsung, Apple and others. Maybe the 3D feature of the phone is something for Amazon to rely upon to win over the others.
Maybe the phone has a 3D interface which moves along with the user as they tilt their head around. There are reports that the phone can be operated by tilting it. However, whether that kind of thing is easy to use or not is something which is for us to discover.

In the teaser, Amazon has leaked the image which shows the corner of the device. It looks small and resembles Amazon’s supposed smartphone which was leaked earlier this year. It is said that Amazon will start shipping the phone in September.

Another interesting fact which you have to note is that, Amazon wants the customers to see the device. So, anyone who is interested to attend the launching event can request an invitation (limited space).

It’s long been reported that Amazon is developing a smartphone with a 3D display, and this video seems to suggest that the moment for its unveiling could finally be upon us; furthermore, Bloomberg News reports that Amazon will indeed reveal the phone this month. It would be Amazon’s first shot at a smartphone, and with how much success it’s seen in the tablet market, it’s an entrant that existing phone makers will want to take seriously.

Amazon put this call to the developers and inquired whether they had any experience creating ‘innovative’ apps using ‘gyroscopes, accelerometers’ and other sensors. Also, it asked if they were interested in taking advantage of a ‘novel’ sensor. Well, I guess this makes it pretty clear that Amazon has something really exciting to show us.