AMPY: Wearable power pack that juices up as you move


It’s hard to stay focused on the ever-waning battery life of our cell phones. Also, when you’re on the go, it’s a constant struggle to find a charging outlet. Although, there are many portable battery packs out there, they too need to be charged. Well, now a Kickstarter project is claiming to address some of these issues. AMPY is a wearable battery pack that captures energy from your motion, turning it into power to juice up your phone or any USB-powered device.

AMPY functions only when you are in motion, which means, you need to exercise more – the more you walk, run, skip or play the more power your device will store. The AMPY can juice up your thirsty devices through USB and encourages users to stay fit.


The AMPY comes with a utility kit which includes necessary accessories such as clip and belts that help you strap on the device. So as long as you are in motion and carrying the battery pack, kinetic energy charges the battery which benefits the environment. The more you use AMPY, the less power consumption from your home. Currently, AMPY is on Kickstarter campaign and the final product will be something that is worth checking out at the end, since it seems to look chubby at this point in time.

Via: Techcrunch