Anders’s Gas Turbine Powered Bike meant to Break the Land Speed Record at Bonneville

For the past four and a half years, Anders has been busy with his motorcycle project. You see a gas turbine powered bike in the above picture that is meant to break the land speed record at Bonneville.

jetThe bike is equipped with a gas turbine engine instead of a jet engine. There is nothing special in the design of these engines, except for the fact that a turbine dumps all the energy into a drive shaft, while a true jet dumps all the energy into the front bumper of the car behind this bike.

Anders began this project from scratch, documented entirely on a massive 120 page forum thread. The engine and frame are designed and built by Anders himself with manual tools. That should break the land speed record of 349 km/h on the salt flats of Bonneville.

As with all jet and turbine builds, this one must be heard to be believed. There are a few videos of the turbine in action below, including one where the turbine drives the rear wheel.