Android Device Manager Gets a Call Back Button to Make it Easier for the Finder to Return your Lost Phone

Losing your Android phone is a big headache and in the event your precious phone lands itself in a stranger’s hands, anything can happen. That stranger will either add your phone to his/her collection, or he/she will be kind enough to trace the owner. But attempting to return the phone to its original owner could be impossible if the phone is locked up with a genuine password.

 Android phone can call youGoogle just released a significant update to its find my phone service, Android Device Manager that allows you to set a password-protected lock screen on your lost phone and a big onscreen call button on it saying “Please call me”.

With this new feature you will be able to add a recovery message into your android device manager, along with a phone number the person can call to return the device.

This will make it a lot easier for a good person to reach you and coordinate the return of your smartphone. Once they call you, you can guide them through the process of returning the phone to you.

You can try out the new feature for yourself by visiting the Android Device Manager web app or by downloading the Android app from the Google Play store.