Angelo’s “Air your own FM Radio Broadcast”

Have you ever tried to broadcast your own radio station within your neighborhood? Well, Angelo who is 15 has been successful in crafting this amazing FM transmitter that’s powerful enough to be received a quarter mile away.

The FM transmitter is great for room monitoring, baby listening and nature research.

A Dead Simple, Well Constructed FM Transmitter
The FM transmitter circuit itself is based off one of [Art Swan]‘s builds. Instead of using the solderless breadboard Angelo has designed his own PCB and winded his own coil.

Using photosensitized copper clad board, [Angelo] laid out the circuit with Fritzing, etched a board, and went at it with a drill. The materials required for the circuit can be had from any branch of RadioShack. He gets bonus points for using a 1/4 – 20 bolt for winding the coil, too.

He uses a single 9V battery for the power supply. Overall,  it’s an awesome project by Angelo.

Watch the video below :