Anime Studio Pro [Review and Download]

Anime Studio Pro

Description: Anime Studio Pro is ideally suited for for professionals seeking a better, effective and more efficient substitute to the painstaking frame-by-frame detailing that is required to be done during the process of making good calibre animations. As you know creating good quality animations requires a lot of expertise, patience and time. As a professional involved in creating good quality animations you are always looking for an Interface that offers you speed with quality and your search ends here.

Anime Studio meets all your needs. With a interface that is intuitive, content that is already loaded and effective features such as a system for bone rigging, integrated lip-synching, 3D shape design, physics, motion tracking and many more features, Anime Studio Pro delivers well developed and latest animation tools to quicken your work process.

It also synergizes cutting-edge features with powerful technology for the most unique animation program for digital artists. It is a tool that most digital artists long for. It is totally user-friendly without compromising on the quality needs you may have. It combines speed with versatility to make a powerful tool.

Normally you would have observed that changing the size of images tends to blur or mar the quality in some way. Not so with Anime Studio Pro. You can change the size of your images without any loss in quality using Studio’s vector-based layer system, and with a mere point and click you can also add a skeleton to any image and then bring it to life

The new features in this version include – You can add physics simulation with version 8.2, give 3D shape design. It also includes new flex-based content library, advanced tool set, Poser scene import, integrated audio recording. All in all the Anime Studio Pro makes for a very good tool for your animation needs. It is versatile, quick and makes for easy usage.

Operating System : Windows & Mac

Price: Free 30 Days Trial and $50 for Complete version.

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