Annoyed with some of the features of iOS 8? Well, you’ll no longer be!


We all have to agree that iOS 8 is simply great! It contains tons of useful features in it. But, there might be quite a few features which are really annoying and might disturb you every now and then. Thankfully, they are all just default settings and you can just switch them back like you want to! Below are some ways by which you can turn off the annoying features in iOS 8.

Turn off predictive text

Well, iOS 8 keyboard offers predictive typing which is supposed to pick up on how you write and it also provides a couple of words to make texting quite easy. But, may users find this to be more of a hindrance than help. Anyway, there’s no need to worry because it is quite easy to turn it off. All you need to do is go to Settings →General Keyboard →turn off the ‘Predictive’ option.

Hide Recent Contacts

So, when you double tap the home button on your device, a new menu appears with images of your recent contacts. But in case you don’t want people snooping around whom you have been contacting lately, just got to Settings →Mail, Contacts, Calendar →Show in App Switcher and then turn it off!

Choose which apps see your location

Most of us don’t want to share our data with all the apps. Knowing where you are is necessary for some apps like Google Maps. So, you can control how many apps can access your data. You can do this b heading to Settings →Privacy → Location services and then you can toggle each app individually.

Avoid quick messaging woes

iOS 8 allows you to reply to a text as soon as it pops up. Well, although this is quite useful, it might be a hindrance when you are texting one person and suddenly someone texts you and the message you were typing would get deleted. So, you can change the Notifications setting from ‘Alerts’ to ‘Banners’. In ‘Banners’, you can tap the banner that appears whenever you receive a text to jump to Messages or just pull down on the notification to reply.

Delete photos completely

The Photos app in iOS 8 has a Recently Deleted folder which contains the photos you would have deleted for the past 30 days before they get completely deleted from your device. While this might be useful if you have accidentally deleted a photo, it can be quite terrible if you really want a photo deleted. So, once you delete a snapshot from your main folder, just go to the Recently Deleted folder to select it and then you can delete it forever!