Anonabox promises to encrypt all your online activities


In a bid to protect the anonymity of internet users from overreaching governments and/or hide from advertisers, Germar and his colleagues have come up with an open source plug and play hardware router- Anonabox. The tiny device aims to offer internet users the ability to surf the web privately without needing to download or configure software.

The Tor network is widely considered to be the most secure way to access the internet anonymously. It currently requires users to download a Tor Web software onto their computers, as well as some initial knowledge of how to run it effectively. But, by using the software incorrectly or by simultaneously running other apps that compromises their security, users are likely to leave their computers exposed and unsecure.

Anonabox is a tiny WiFi router that directs all of the user’s web traffic via the Tor network, protecting all your activities online. No additional software is required for Anonabox to function.


The Anonabox is easy to set up. The device can be plugged into your existing router via Ethernet and then connects to your computer wirelessly or via another Ethernet cable.

No login credentials, no signup, just plug it in and all your network data is encrypted. The $7,500 project currently being funded through Kickstarter has already received more than $20,000 from around 350 backers within hours of the Kickstarter page going live. Kickstarter backers can get one for $45 in January.

Via: IBTimes