App developer without contact information – Google could remove your app(s)


Google announced that anyone who have paid apps or an app with in-app that includes in-app purchases, will soon be required to list their physical contact address publicly on their Google Play developer profile.

Google says, it took this decision to make in-app purchasing a more transparent process. The new policy would also make it more difficult for scammers in developing low-quality apps and releasing them on Android. The search giant further added that the prices of apps in the Google Play Store will be listed on the relevant entry in an upcoming release.

Although it was rumored that Google planned new initiatives, the demand for providing postal addresses has come as a new surprise and everyone came to know about this when a message appeared this morning in the Google developer console.

According to the message, if you charge for apps in the Google Play, its mandatory to add a postal address to your Settings page where you can be contacted.  This address will appear on your profile page so that it will be visible to all users on Google Play. Also, if there are any changes in your address the same should be updated on your Settings page. This rule comes to effect from September 30 2014. If you do not cooperate, your apps may be removed from the Play Store.

Google warns any developer who fails to publicly list their contact addresses on their profiles within the next 30 days would risk having their published apps removed from the app store.

Via: TheInquirer