Apple adds support for uploading images on beta site

Uploading images to iCloud

Apple rolled out a new feature to its beta site for developers, with the support for uploading images to iCloud Photo Library for the first time. The beta site is meant only for developers, but the new feature will likely be made available to users soon. As it stands right now, the iCloud website allows users to view all of their iCloud Photo Library images, as well as download and delete them, but had no options to upload them.

As noted by Macrumors, it’s now possible to upload JPGs, but as of now, the site does not support other image and video formats like .PNG, .MOV, .MP4, and more. The iCloud Photos screen adds a “Upload” button next to “Select Photos”. Clicking on the Upload button displays a Finder window, from which you can select individual images or batches to upload to iCloud. Once uploaded, the photos syncs instantly to all of your iOS devices signed in to an associated iCloud account.

The support for the uploading tool on the beta site means that the feature will likely get support on the iCloud main site as well in the near future, giving users a way to upload photos from their Macs and PCs to their photo libraries.

iCloud Photo Library introduced with iOS 8.1, lets users automatically upload all photos and videos taken in iCloud for storage and making them available on all iOS devices and Macs.

While users are now allowed to upload all of their photos to iCloud Photo Library via the beta site, doing so takes up iCloud storage space. Apple allows you to use up to 5GB of iCloud storage space for free and anything more than that will be charged. The plans start from $0.99 for 20GB of storage space to $19.99 for 1TB of storage space.

Via: MacRumors