Apple has finally unveiled its first wearable gadget – The Apple Watch

First wearable gadget

Apple announced the Apple Watch at its event today (Image: AP)

After months of rumors, the Cupertino Company, Apple has finally released its
Watch on Tuesday. It’s not called the iWatch (as rumors suggested) but is called the “Apple Watch”. The Apple Watch is first ever wearable gadget from the company and the first new product from Apple since 2010, when it launched the first iPad. It will be release in three variants and in two different sizes.

The company says in addition to telling time, the device will have broad apps. The apple Watch is a touchscreen –based gadget, using it is as easy as navigating a straightforward multi-touch interface. It also features a Digital Crown basically a traditional winding gear redesigned for navigation. This is the Watch’s Home button and is crucial to the way the watch works. It also includes a quick action button for access to your frequently used contacts, and you can send your friend your heartbeats through the device.

Siri is integrated into the Watch. The voice recognition is key for the relatively small screen. The watch’s maps feature will buzz helping you navigate easily. The watch comes in several designs and is fully customizable. You can customize everything from the type and style of the watch face to the materials used to make the watch and the strap. Apple Watch has a huge focus on fitness and health. The Watch will appeal to anyone wishing to remain fit- whether by walking to the office or involving serious in sports.

The Watch is equipped with sensors and heart rate monitor, and constantly monitors and encourages you to stay fit.

The Watch will support Apple Pay when it launches next year. Apple’s NFC-based payments will make it easier for shoppers to finish transactions at points of sales and is billed as a credit card killer with tie-ups with American Express, Master Card and Visa.

Apple watches link up with iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5 or 5C to fully function. Apple says pricing for the Watch will start at $349 and will be available early next year.