Apple iWatch to Launch in 2013

With a long struggling time period and astounding inventions, Apple has maintained a strong position in the world of technical devices. We all are familiar with impressive products of Apple such as iPod, iPad and iPhone, which totally amazed the entire world with their features. Such devices not only grab the customer’s attention but also provide a new way to enter in the world of technology.

1- iWatch to Launch in 2013

According to expert report and previous years marketing records, Apple has established a strong monopoly in the market of technical devices through out the entire world. Also, we are enjoying the benefits of the vast range of Apple product. According to an article of Bloomberg (a business magazine), a team of skilled and intelligent members are working on the new project of Apple. And hence, within some days, Apple is going to add a new device in the list of iPod, iPad and iPhone that is iWatch.

2- iWatch to Launch in 2013

3- iWatch to Launch in 2013

As you use iPod for listening music, iPhone for calling purpose and iPad for personal as well as professional purpose, iWatch is providing you the opportunity to listening music, making notes, calculation purpose and even for making calls. It’s like a watch with astounding looks and allows the people to use its amazing features.

4- iWatch to Launch in 2013

According to Apple’s senior director of engineering, James Foster interview, their upcoming device iWatch is enough capable to make a lot of money as it’s going to introduce the entire world with a brand new technology. As the manager of Apple, Achim Pantfoerder said, the iWatch is going to launch before the end of the year.

As there are lot of rumors about the features of iWatch but some of the features are not revealed yet. But people are worrying about a factor that how this iWatch will connect with other devices of Apple such as iPhone. In order to clarify this query, we want you to remind the inbuilt Bluetooth feature of iPhone which allows the iPhone to connect with another iPhone. Same feature also worked with iWatch and we can transfer files and information in-between them.

In order to select the perfect design of iWatch, Apple is considering all the factors such as the normal watch outlook, easily likable by customers and much more.