Apple will be Soon Introducing its USB Cable which is Reversible

We are all familiar with that old joke which states no matter how you plug in an USB cable, you don’t get it right for the first two trials! Like they say, third time’s the charm! But, Apple seems to have taken care of that! There is news all around that Apple, along with iPhone 6 will be releasing a new version of its Lightning iPhone and iPad cable which could be plugged into a USB port in any way. Although this seems convenient, we will really miss the old times, won’t we?

Apple’s brilliant new iPhone 6 cableThe USB Promotor Group recently announced that the completed design for a new type C reversible USB plug which could be inserted any way in, but wouldn’t be compatible with the current USB ports.

Apple’s brilliant new iPhone 6 cableTo achieve this, the internal plastic and terminals within the plug have been modified from their usual. It is slimmed down at the centre and the contacts are put up on both the sides. So, it can fit in either way and save a lot of frustration of the user. This comes in really handy if it has to be plugged into the port at the back of the computer.

Although the USB Type C was finalized, not particular dates are announced as to when it will reach the market. Moreover, we are not sure if it is Apple’s own cable. So, let us just cross our fingers and hope that there is one in each box of iPhone 6!

SOURCE Sonny Dickson