Apple will Soon be Sharing its Master List of MFi Controller-Enabled iOS Games

So, we know that apple finally has a way for the users of Made-For-iPhone/iPad game controllers o view a master list of supported games from the App Store. However, it first requires the controller makers to provide firmware updates to their controllers.

list of MFi controller-enabled iOS games

Most of Apple’s MFi game controllers have been reviewed since it was introduced. One of the problems was lack of an Apple maintained master list of supported games. All the manufacturers have their own lists hidden somewhere on their websites and users are to search pointlessly online or through the App Store to locate a game which supports controller input. Although there are third party solutions like PhoneJoy, they are mostly incomplete.

The feature works similar to that of the App Match feature of Apple. Recently, Apple has added the same ability for manufacturers creating MFi game controllers. This app doesn’t send the users to a specific app.  Apple says that implementing the feature will prompt the users to visit an Apple-maintained list of supported controller games.

Apple will also be introducing MFi game controllers this year which includes a new Controller Forwarding feature that will turn iPhone’s into a controller for Macs and iPads.
Via : 9to5mac