Apple’s new HealthKit app features native Bluetooth support

Apple’s new HealthKit platform and Heath app for iOS 8 supports some Bluetooth accessories. This allows accessory manufacturers to automatically connect to and control the device.

HealthKit supports some Bluetooth
The HealthKit has devices which will be built-in and supported by it: glucose sensors, health thermometers and heart rate and blood pressure monitors. To establish connection with the devices mentioned above, Apple is making use of official standard specs for Bluetooth LE devices from Apart from establishing a connection with the devices in range, the HealthKit also gathers data and saves it in the Health app and notifies other apps which might wish to access the data through the HealthKit API. So the developers don’t have to do anything in a third-party app. This makes it easier for the users to find health information in a single place. Also, it saves time for the app developers as they don’t need to develop a separate app.

Apple is encouraging manufacturers to develop other types of accessories which don’t fall under the devices mentioned above but which will require an iOS app to implement the HealthKit API.
Via : 9to5mac