Apple’s new online tool uncouples your phone number from iMessage service


If you’ve replaced your iPhone with Android or Windows phones, and aren’t receiving text messages, the reason could be that your phone number is still coupled with iMessage service. The solution for this was to disable the iMessage feature on your iPhone before you switched. But what happens if you no longer have the iPhone with you? Relax, Apple has released a new online tool on Sunday that lets you de-list your phone number from its iMessage system and receive SMS/MMS right on your new phone.

The new tool from Apple gives non-iPhone users a fix that no longer requires use of the original iPhone- necessary for all the customers who sell their phones or buy new phones because their iPhones were lost or broken.

Apple’s iMessage texting app, which only supports Apple devices, has an advantage over other phone texting. iMessage can perform a lot of things- notifies you whether the other party is typing, for instance, and sync the text across the user’s other Apple devices. Perhaps most notably for telecom carriers, it operates as an anti-SMS app.

How to unlink from iMessage service

  1. Visit the following deregister iMessage link from any web browser.

  1. Scroll down to the second section labeled No longer have your iPhone?
  2. Enter the number you’d like to remove from iMessage and click Send Code.
  3. Now, a text will be sent on your current phone. Enter the code that you’ve received.
  4. Next, you get a confirmation message that Apple has removed your number from its database.

Thus in future, all messages sent from iOS devices will default to standard SMS or MMS messages rather than iMessage.

How to link back to iMessage when you switch back to iPhone

At some point of time, you may want to switch back to your iPhone, all you need to do is activate iMessage in Settings.

If you don’t switch over to other devices often, the new tool may seem uninteresting, but for those who often transfer their SIM cards to different platforms such as an Android, Windows or Blackberry Phone, it should make the transition smoother.

The company had to face the heat earlier this year when issues related to lost iMessages went viral in the news- some frustrated ex-iPhone users even filed a class-action lawsuit over the issue.

Via: TheVerge