Arduboy: DIY ring that lets you recieve Bluetooth notifications

Bluetooth ring

Wearables are the next edge of recreational electronics and Kevin’s Arduboy ring is undoubtedly one of the best examples we have seen until . The Arduboy ring is powered by the NRF51822 chip set it contains an ARM-M0 implanted microprocessor running at 16mhz. The chip has a good 256k of flash memory and 16k of RAM but a large amount of that is taken up by the Bluetooth communication stack. Inside the Arduboy are also an OLED and a touch button for displaying notifications from a phone, with the ability to respond to these notifications.

The interesting part is the stunning enclosure for the ring. Well, it is quite thick. But, there’s a reason for that. The ring is thick because there is a 40mAh battery stuffed along the sides of the ring. The enclosure is 3D printed and opposing to some beliefs there is nothing wrong with bending a LiPo cell once. Well, we agree it has only four hours of battery life with the display on. But, when it is on standby mode, it has a twenty four hour battery life. This proves it useful as an everyday wearable.

The device is programmed using the mbed developer software which is a cloud based development platform for a wide range of ARM chips. A small circuit board was fabricated to attach the OLED screen directly to the processor chip. This along with the 40mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery all fit perfectly within a 3D printed enclosure.

The Arduboy is Kevin’s second wearable. His first wearable was the Ardrubracelet, which is an extremely interesting OLED bracelet with three separate displays on a flexible circuit with conductive touch buttons to continue with the minimalist design. Also, instead of the wrist straps, the ends were made magnetic to hold it in place and the battery lasts for more than ten hours!

However, the Arduboy is more compact and it comes really close to looking like a product.

Via: Hackaday