Arduino takes on Simon – and Wins!

Simon is an electronic game of memory of the 70s. Recently a maker named Ben and his 7-year-old daughter have come up with a robot that took them almost exactly a year to finish and the robot is said to paly the memory game ‘Simon,’ and can beat it.

Beating Simon

The father and the daughter express their excitement as the finished robot successfully palyed the Simon game all by itself.

A short video demonstrates of how they built and how it works.


According to HackDay’s Brain Benchoff reports, Ben uses a key chain version of the game that is much smaller and easier to work with in terms of automatically sensing lights and pushing buttons.

“The arms are made from LEGO bricks, held up with rubber bands and actuated with two servos mounted on a polycarbonate cutting board,” he explained.

“To detect Simon’s lights, Ben connected four phototransistors to an Arduino Duemilanove(Atmel ATmega328 MCU). The Arduino records the pattern of lights on the Simon and activates the Lego arms in response to that pattern.”


“This is not an industrial-strength robot. It’s quite fussy about ambient light, even with the calibration. This explains the slightly grainy videos, as they had to be shot without proper lighting,” he added. Once or twice, the finger-pulling elastic bands slipped, meaning a finger didn’t completely press its button and the game was lost. Also, I think the robot would have been better with some flashing lights.