ASWY’s Levitating Bluetooth Speakers spotted at IFA 2014 in Berlin

levitating speaker

The very thought of the word speaker reminds us of those humongous and rather weird speakers that are part of the music system. One cannot refuse to consider a speaker that is compact, portable and best of all looks beautiful, which might explain why big players such as Bose and Bang & amp; Olufsen pride themselves in their technology as well as their design.

We’ve already looked at the world’s first levitating Bluetooth speaker from OM Audio in Manhattan. And now, the folks at Engadget have spotted a similar device at IFA in Berlin. Taiwan-based company ASWY electronics have developed a set of speakers which can apparently float and looks more polished than the OM Audio prototype.

As of now, we’re not sure if the floating delivers better sound quality, but in terms of aesthetics it’s a pretty invention. ASWY’s speakers dubbed Floating Bluetooth speakers feature three watts of output, an integrated battery with up to 5 hours of continuous play and Bluetooth 4.0 support. You can also connect your media devices directly into the 3.5 mm input if you want to skip the Bluetooth function. There’s also an integrated microphone on board, so you can use the device as a speakerphone as well. Like with OM Audio’s version, the device can be used with or without its magnetic base, although it won’t be floating. The base also includes a micro USB port, so you don’t need to use a secondary adapter to charge up the levitating speakers (though you can if you like).

You can easily hang on the speakers to a fridge or other metal surface. The speakers are expected to be priced at $149 and will go on sale this November. Check out the video below to get the hang of how it works.

ASWY Levitating Bluetooth Speaker