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Ultra-rugged cellphone 2

Ultra-rugged No.1 X-Men X1 phone – first of its kind

No.1 has broken the conventions associated with rugged phone models. Rather, it has brought its new X-Men X1 with promising ultra-rugged capabilities and better specs than others. You won’t find another ultra-rugged phone with a 5-megapixel front and 8-megapixel rear camera with 5-inch HD display anywhere in the world, we suppose. The manufactures of this […]

rear view camera

New Aisin Seiki automotive rear-view system covers blind spots

A new rear view system was seen at Automotive Engineering exposition 2014 Nagoya. Through a video take by the rear camera, the driver would be able to get clear view of blind spots while moving the car. The system came from Aisin Seiki Co Ltd at the trade show on automotive technologies. The event took […]

Lego collector Christopher-Male 3

This 45-year old, obsessed Lego collector has 13, 000 sets worth $35, 000

Some people make it hard to define the fine line between following a particular hobby and an absolute obsession for it, and obsessions aren’t always results of psychological disorders. Take an example of this Canadian man, Christopher Male, who is obsessed about Legos. He is 45, and has been collecting Lego sets for past 20-years. […]


NIR funds innovative healthcare co-robotics projects

Health care is the best field to expand the web of technological advancements, which otherwise seems to be messing up with human routine. More than innovative, gold-plated smartwatches or jets, this suffering human kind need the best of modern technological advancements to help disabled, diseased people resume their physical and sensory control. There are some […]

Kubb – A French cubic computing machine

Kubb – Little French cubic computing machine with cutting edge technology

If you care to try French flavored computing, the Kubb computer is good one to start with. It’s nothing like conventional designs. It’s a perfect 12 centimeters cube packed with a power-performance combo. This small cube is equipped with cutting edge technologies including Intel Core i3 to i7 processors, 4 to 16 GB 1600MHz memory, […]

Caselace phone cover 2

Caselace phone cover frees you from tangled, knotted headphone cables

Tangled headphone wires are a headache, and it’s very common with those using small electronic devices like music players or smartphones. However, on Kickstarter, there is this nice product called Caselace that solves it for you in a decent way. The concept is simple – how to hold the wire in such way that it […]