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CES 2015

10 Awesome Gadgets that inspired us at CES 2015

2015’s Consumer Electronic Show has come to an end. We’re taking this opportunity to highlight the stuff that wowed us most. There’s so much of tech like wearable gadgets and gadgets for your feet, for your home, for your pets and so on showcased at the biggest tech expo. Here is a list of awesome […]


Dyson’s new Cinetic Vacuums makes the filters obsolete

Dyson the brand behind innovative home products with its line of bladeless fans and bagless vacuum cleaners is now ready to reveal a brand new vacuum – the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball. For years, Dyson Vacs have eliminated the need for a bag, but you were required to clean or replace its filter every now […]

CES 2015: Gogoro Unveils Eco-friendly, Affordable Smartscooter

Fast-growing metropolises in Asia, such as Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City, use scooters as the primary mode of commuting and the environment is notoriously polluted, mainly because majority of the vehicles lack good emission standards.  Eco-friendly, lightweight and easy-to-charge vehicles would go a long way towards addressing this massive problem of air-pollution in Asian […]

Bluetooth ring

Arduboy: DIY ring that lets you recieve Bluetooth notifications

Wearables are the next edge of recreational electronics and Kevin’s Arduboy ring is undoubtedly one of the best examples we have seen until . The Arduboy ring is powered by the NRF51822 chip set it contains an ARM-M0 implanted microprocessor running at 16mhz. The chip has a good 256k of flash memory and 16k of RAM but […]

Amazon  Surprise!  App

Amazon Surprise! app adds fun to your holiday shopping

Looking for last-minute gifts, consider Amazon Surprise! It takes all the hassles of finding gifts, packing them and delivering them to your friends and family members. Amazon has just rolled out a new app for iOS and Android devices called Surprise!. It allows you to send cute e-cards and Amazon Gift Card to contacts in […]

Seagate Shingled Hard Drive

Segate’s 8TB shingled drives meant for cold data storage

Seagate, popular for manufacturing hard drives, is now ready to ship its latest product called Shingled Magnetic Recording Drives. The drives use a new recording technology which lets you cram more tracks onto the same number of physical platters, but at the cost of performance. The 3.5 inch drive can now store 8 terabytes of […]