Baidu DuBike tracks your health as you ride

While Google is busy with its Google Glass, Android Wear and self-driving cars, its Chinese counterpart Baidu is working on a tech-laden e-bike – the Dubike. This smart bicycle created by the Chinese search engine giant in collaboration with the design department at Tsinghua University in Beijing, charges your mobile phone and works with on-board navigation. It monitors your health as you ride it.

As we flip across the Dubike web page we see a vast collection of iterations  that bike junikes will be able to purchase once the production and popularity of the bike in China increases. It’s fully packed with all sorts of sensors that connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Once synced with your smart device, you’ll see many features that are found on most modern wearables fitness devices on the market today.

  • GPS Tracking and Mapping

This is similar to what we found in Google’s device tracker. This bike features the tradition built-in GPS. This tracking system helps you to see real-time location updates that’ll be helpful in the event of your smart bike getting stolen. If you set a destination with the smart bicycle through the DuBike app, it tells you when and where you need to take the turn through the use of laser indicator lights. Thus, you need not bother of looking down at your handlebar-mounted smartphone for directions every now and then. Traffic updates will also be provided.

  • Social networking

Social networking is also available that was created exclusively for this smart bicycle.

  • Health Guide

According to a fellow reporter over at 36KR, there are various sensors on the bike capable of tracking your heart rate, pedal rate, crank torque, all mixed together so that an exercise regime can be suggested for you via a separate wearable device or monitor in the handlebars.

The lasers, the app system, the sensors and the rear LED brake lights are not powered by battery instead, they get their juice from pedal power and regenerative braking available on-board.

As of now, details are limited  – no estimated retail price or release date has been disclosed by the company, but one fact we are sure about is the smart bicycle is going to hit the market in China sooner than expected.

Baidu DuBike_1

Baidu DuBike_2

Baidu DuBike_3

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Baidu DuBike_5

Via: designboom