Barisieur alarm clock wakes you up with freshly brewed coffee

Barisieur alarm clock coffee maker

Wouldn’t you love your alarm clock if it adds fun to your early morning routine? Yes, UK-based industrial designer, Josh Renouf’s alarm clock “Barisieur,” makes your early morning routine more enjoyable with the aroma of fresh coffee.

The Barisieur is an alarm clock that brews the coffee all by itself – all you have to do is to prepare the device the night before, filling it with the required amount of water and ground coffee to brew that perfect cuppa. The device has individual compartments for milk, sugar and extra coffee.

The sleek device features stainless steel ball bearings which boils water and pushes it out of the beaker through a slim glass tube and is poured over the ground coffee which is kept ready in a sustainable stainless steel coffee filter. The filtered coffee is served into a glass cup.

The Barisieur isn’t available in the market yet, but Renouf’s website mentions that it will be made available very soon. The alarm clock may cost you something between £150 and £250 when available.