Best light switch concepts to light up your home in future

We see numerous things around us that haven’t changed for years. One of these highly usable objects is light switches. They have hardly changed their designs since they existed, making them a monotonous objects sticking to the walls of your home. To break this lingering monotony, designers from around the world have done brainstorming to give them a beautiful makeover while keeping high functionality intact. To bring such creative works of various creative industrial designers from around the globe, we did a deep digging to bring forth their innovative designs that probably would adorn your home in near future.

Floor Plan Light switch Concept

It has always been a tough task to remember which switch controls what while standing in front of a switch panel. Taewon Hwang brings a soulful solution to dis dilemma as the Floor Plan Light switch can be customized according to the floor plan.
floor plan switch

Gesture-controlled Light Switch Concept

This light switch that acts more like a trackpad for your home works on the basis of gestures. Just a slight drag of your finger towards the targeted light is all that you need to turn on/off the light of a room. A circular gesture allows you to control all the bulbs simultaneously.
Gesture-controlled Light Switch Concept

Revio Programmable Light Switch Concept

The Revio light switches by FirstHand Design has eight programmable buttons [power button, dim/bright control, infrared receiver, program from iCAN network, flash memory, panel clean switch, etc.] for all kinds of lighting configurations. It is also compatible with anything else electric that requires a switch.The rubber knob on the face of the switch turns on (and dim) the lights. The capacitive touch panel not only controls lights but also curtains and anything else you hook up to it.

Growth Plate Switch Concept

The light switch with integrated greenery is certainly an innovative idea to bring nature indoors. Andrew Harmon, studying at Northern Michigan University, dares to think beyond the ordinary by blending nature with technology in a way so that both, the functionality as well as environmental-friendliness remain intact. It represents green-living and aesthetic creativity in an unusual way.

MAGI Light Switch Concept

The MAGI light switch concept by Liang Yun revolutionizes the process of turning lights on/off because you need to rotate the power switch in order to progressively open the overhead lamp to lit-up your dark room.
MAGI Light Switch Concept