Best portable WiFi Routers that can deploy a secure Wifi network almost anywhere

If you’re traveling a lot and carrying your gadgets with you, portable Wi-Fi routers are pretty useful. They help you share the Wi-Fi in your hotel, home, office or anywhere else with friends, family, and colleagues traveling with you- paying one fee for everyone. The advantages of using a portable router are many: no hassle, easy to install and small enough to slip into your pocket. Some devices even keep your gadgets charged while they’re connected.

Portable Wi-Fi Routers:There are different types of portable WiFi routers with different capabilities. Based on your budget, you can opt for a minimum functionality device or a really fancy one with a lot of options. Most of these routers support multiple operating modes like Access point, Bridge, Client, Router, and Repeater for a broad wireless networking experience at home or work.


Access point: This is the default mode where the portable router shares a wired broadband connection wirelessly with one or more clients.

Router mode: In this mode, you connect the portable router to a DSLor cable modem and it becomes a fully functional wireless router.

Repeater mode: The router will extend the range of a wireless router or wireless access point.

Bridge mode: This allows you to connect your laptop or any other device with the portable router wired or wirelessly, in turn connecting with the primary device.

Client mode: With this mode, you can use this device as a wireless adapter for wired-only Ethernet-enabled devices like Smart TVs, game consoles, set-top boxes, or computers.

Our top recommendations

The TP-Link Nano Router is a tiny pocket sized router that is easy to use. It is powered by an external adapter or via a micro USB port. So unlike others, you can conveniently connect to the internet and share the connection.

D-Link all-in-one mobile Companion Router simplifies all your networking needs with much ease. Its multi functionality enables you to use it as a router, an access point, a Wi-Fi Hotspot, a repeater and a network attached storage unit that fits in the palm of your hand. It delivers excellent internet speed and connectivity at a very economical price.

There’s also Micromax 440W wireless router that can connect up to 32 devices. The 440 mAh battery offers up to 8 hours of high speed internet browsing with secured access to any WiFi device within 10 meters.