Biocircuits by Jim Rodney

Are you one of those people who would say after the day has ended that why are there only 24 hours in it. Life today demands a lot from everyone and with so much work to complete in a single day many of us are not able to give optimum or the needed rest to our body. Human body requires a certain minimum amount of sleep everyday; this sleep helps our organs to function in a good manner and on the whole helps our body to channelize energy when or where it is primarily needed.
Jim Rodney, who is a US based genius and innovator has designed something on the lines of Eeman’s polarity screen research. Jim calls this device as ‘Biocircuits’. It is a very clever device that has been conceptualized by Jim Rodney and when integrated this device acts passively so as to cause relaxation to the body of the user of Biocircuits. The relaxation thus caused facilitates the bodily subtle energy flow.
Biocircuits Biocircuits enhance the flow and balance of the body’s natural energy. Biocircuits such as “Polarity Screens” promote deep physical relaxation and refreshment.
The working principle of the Biocircuits involve the connection that is established between the median centers of both the hands with the major energy points that lie at the base of neck region and then to the bottom of the backbone or spine. The Biocircuits thus acts like the antenna for the energy of the body and maintains proper flow and balance of the energy. This device promises to dissipate the effect of a rejuvenating sleep that extends to 4 hours in just 15 minutes. One can also create a feeling of well-being by using this device.

james rodney 's Biocircuits
The five basic parts of Biocircuits device design are:

  • Head Mandala Circuit Pad
  • Substance Container and Connector
  • Central Connector
  • Base Mandala Circuit Pad
  • Handle and Connector

Biocircuits lets you feel calm relaxed even when you missed your sleep the last day!