Biz Stone’s new colorful app Super: Another way to have fun


Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter just launched a colorful new app called Super for iOS and Android. It’s the second post from Stone’s Jelly Industries, which launched the Q&A app jelly in 2013. While that app focused on its users answering questions using visuals, rather than text, Stone said his team’s second product is meant to be “just fun”.

The Super app makes it easy to share your thoughts, ideas and recommendations in just a few seconds with snazzy, image heavy posts. It lets you post images using a template “sentence starter” word for your thought on the top left, like “The Best, The Worst, I Am, I Wish, Check Out or Definitely Don’t.

Then you are required to add a picture from your gallery – take a picture, or use one of the pictures that Super offers. You can also post location data to your image, so that you get identified by those in your locality using the nearby feed.

Super also has an interesting element, like Secret, dubbed “anonymish” where you can add a tool along with your post that hides your identity in the post. Jelly industries pointed out that users could discover who you are though, as Super isn’t designed as an anonymous sharing platform. Your Super post gets shown to the friends you have on your feed to users connected to you via your phone number, Facebook, Flickr or Twitter. You can also browse posts and see pictures that have been posted nearby.

The app is a fun way to play with thoughts and updates from those around you, as well as your friends. And just like how Snapchat auto-adds the Snapchat team account to users’ friends list, Biz said everyone will start off following the Super account. The app is now available for free download from Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store.

Via: Mashable