Blue Microphones Mo-Fi delivers great Music and Makes you forget about the World

Blue Microphones specializes in recording equipment from vocal and instrumental mics to super-affordable USB models to pro-level gear. Today, after 20 years, Blue is breaking into the headphone market with Mo-Fi, a set of headphones that promises to deliver a considerably richer listening experience than the average set of cans.

Blue Microphones


When it comes to physical design, there’s a lot to mention:

“For Mo-Fi, we began by thinking about how and where people listen to music,” said Mitch Witten, VP of Product at Blue Microphones. “We set out to completely reimagine the construction, comfort, and fit, without any preconceived notions about what headphones are ‘supposed’ to look like. The result feels less like a headphone, and more like a high-quality instrument you can wear.”

Instead of using a typical spring-loaded headband, the company created a multi-hinged aluminum headband design that makes the headphones look like robotic arms, to which the heavily cushioned circumaural (over-the-ear) earcups are attached. Blue says it fits onto a variety of head shapes and sizes. And the earcups themselves are shaped like ears to provide a solid grip-which is the best scenario for bass response and prevention of sound leakage.

The left earpiece houses a switch for toggling between ‘off’, ‘on’ or ‘on+’. More on later. When the headphones are On, a hidden light behind a chrome-ish “Blue” logo glows soothingly. The headphones have removable/replaceable cables, which connect through a hole in the butt of this switch. The Mo-Fi is equipped with a smart feature, thankfully, that will shut down the circuitry when it hasn’t played audio for awhile. This saves battery life, and it’s a good thing, because the switch is so small, it’s easy to forget the headphones are on.

In addition to the cables mentioned, the Mo-Fi comes with an airplane jack adapter, a ¼-inch headphone jack adapter, and a black carrying pouch large enough to store this massive beast.

Using it

Despite their heft, you don’t feel the headphones as heavy as they are since the weight is distributed uniformly. In order to keep them snugly fit on your head, there’s a tension control for the headband, which can be adjusted to make it tight or loose.

Blue MicrophonesJust as you do with other phones, you’ll be ready to take Mo-Fi headphones off not really because of discomfort, but because of the sheer weight- 466 g.

The Mo-Fis sound very good in all three mode settings. You really will want to make sure the source volume is set quite low the first time you put these on and switch them to the ‘on’ or ‘on+’ position. There’s a warning on the label for a good reason – that amp and driver combo is incredibly powerful and could easily give your ears a shock if set to maximum.

There’s nothing much difference between the sound performance in the On and On+ modes- depending on the quality of your track.

On+ is mean for older tracks, lower quality conversions and things like old vinyl listening. It gives that a little extra kick.

In case, you forget to charge the headpnones, you can still listen in the ‘off’ mode, but you won’t experience the Mo-Fi’s amp.

Given its quality — and its $349 price tag — Blue’s Mo-Fi isn’t just targeting mobile users. They claim it will make “every device sound better” and there’s no reason to doubt that on paper. Blue is emphasizing that Mo-Fi is a perfect fit for audio from the likes of HDTracks, Pono Music, J River, and other high-resolution music sources.

You’ll lose yourself to the great sound and forget about the world.

Via : slashgear