Bluetooth security- Keyless Entry System for your Tool Cabinets at Work

Andy was bored of using the same old keys and wanted a new system for locking his tool cabinets at work. He came up with a new concept- solenoid locking, capacitive sensing tool cabinet door handles.

Bluetooth Security and Capacitive Sensing Tool The materials required for this are- a Bluetooth low energy breakout board coupled with an Arduino, two solenoid locks and two capacitive sensors. He modified a pre-existing iPhone app to control the system, dubbed: The BlueLock control.

Bluetooth Security and Capacitive Sensing Tool Bluetooth Security and Capacitive Sensing Tool The system gets activated when Andy is present with his phone. It then then automatically unlocks the moment he touches the metal handle. The tool cabinet remains unlocked for the majority of the work day, but when Andy is about to leave at the end of the day, he simply swipes on his phone to activate the lock mode for the night. Both solenoids are added with push-buttons so in case something goes wrong with the capacitive sensors, Andy can still handle the locks manually.

Great Job [Andy!]

Hackaday Via Handya