Broadband Error Codes and Their Solutions

In case you use Broadband with either dial mode or bridge mode connection, then it is likely that you face some errors. They may leave you befuddled and confused, but do not despair, here is an explanation for some of them.

Broadband Error Codes and Their Solutions

It is no doubt too broad a subject that cannot be covered at once. But here are some of the most frequently occurring Broadband Error Codes and Their Solutions:


“The remote computer did not respond”

This is the most frequently occurring error and could because of the following:

  • Bad connection
  • Disablement of LAN card of your computer
  • Corruption or fault in port or PC Ethernet
  • Issue in line from your connection to the service provider’s
  • Issue with Modem/Voice & Data splitter
  • Some interruption due to malware
  • Some other firewall blocking
  • Element fault at service provide causing server to go down

To solve this check the link light on your modem to see whether is on or not. If it is okay then do a Ping test from computer to Modem by typing: start-> run, then type “ping –t” and press enter.

Take action according to the result of the test.

If light is not properly working check all connections and try to reconnect. If this does not work complain to Internet Service provider


The specified destination is not reachable”

The cause of this error could be that your LAN port has been disabled. To solve this problem you have to enable the Port. To do this, follow the sequence: Start->setting->control panel->network connection->right click on local area connection->enable.


Access was denied because the user name and/or password was invalid on the domain”

The causes for this can be due to entry of wrong user name or erroneous password or wrong port binding or due to improper verification from server at service provider end. To solve this make sure you have spelt everything right and if it still does not work request for resetting the password.


The phone line is busy”

This could be because of error with Modem Configuration .For solving this you need to reconfigure the Model with proper value of  VPI/ VCI.


The remote computer did not respond and port was closed”

This could occur due to some other process or function requiring the same port or due to spoilt Modem USB or because of problem with registry or due to router that does not gel well. This problem may very well correct itself in most instances or you can clean the registry with cleaning software or uninstalling and re doing the process with USB driver could provide you with the solution.


Your modem (or other connecting device) has reported an error”

This problem occurs mostly with Windows 7 OS and could be because of trouble with windows 7 files mainly with PPPoE driver file raspppoe.sys.  The way to solve this is replacing the problematic one and renaming the original for safety. Or you can set windows system in earlier day or uninstall Virtual PC 2007 or install LAN driver again or simply modify to PPPoE from Bridge the Modem Configuration

Error 815

Error connecting broadband connection WAN Miniport (PPPOE)”

The reason for this problem can be attributed to the LAN driver issues on Windows Vista or it could be due to the registry. To solve sign in with admin account and authenticate IP address and then remove and install your LAN drive again. You can also repair the registry issue with suitable software

Error – 630-633

Port Is Invalid or Busy / The Modem Is Not Installed or Configured for… “

Mainly occurring due to PC LAN Card this can be solved by rebooting your computer

Error 718

Timed out waiting for a valid response from the remote PPP Peer

Could occur due to more users at the service provider end which may exceed their capacity or could be due to erroneous password or username. Solve this problem by restarting the modem or correcting the password and username or lodge a complaint if none of this works