Carbon fiber ‘Orbits wall clock’ with circular arms

Orbits Clock by Studio Ve 3

Last time, when was it that you had a look at your wall clock for purpose or without one? It doesn’t make sense anyway? The gadgetry lets you enjoy the privilege of sparing all ignorance towards once cherished wall clocks or ignore buying one at all.

Still, home improvement has a lot to do with a nice, attractive indoors wall clock . The one that ticks is preferred over digital ones. Studio Ve has made a nice attempt to revive the lost charm of wall clocks with their Orbit design.

Orbits Clock by Studio Ve 5

Orbit wall clock shows time with its circular hands representing hours, minutes and seconds with usual clockwise movement. But, we bet, your friends going to find it a puzzling task first time to figure out what it’s meant for.
Although, the uploaded video would explain you exactly how it works, but we can try to explain little in words.

Orbits Clock from Studio Ve on Vimeo.

Three circles replace straight hands and they move, crossing each other at specific spots, and looks like a naked internal model of a molecule with three atoms in motion. Small indicators at each hand help reading time on this carbon fiber wall clock. Carbon fiber means a very light weight thing to hang on a wall.

Orbits Clock by Studio Ve

Orbits Clock by Studio Ve 2

Orbits Clock by Studio Ve 4

Via: Contemporist