Carpool Deviile Ready for the Race in August

Carpool Deville dubbed as the “world’s fastest hot tub” created by two college dudes at a kegger is at full steam to break a speed-racing record.

The World’s Fastest Hot Tub
Weicker and Forster called their endeavor “a dream nearly two decades in the making.” They also pointed out they’re not the first ones with the idea to race something strange at the Salt Flats. “Since 1914, enthusiasts of questionable mental states from all over the world have been attempting and setting speed records for just about anything with wheels on the flat expanse of the brilliant white salt,” they say.

Weicker and Forster while studying at McMaster University in Ontario built a hot tub inside a 1969 Cadillac Deville. That’s when they decide to turn an old Chevy Malibu into Jacuzzi Jalpoy of sorts. They removed all the seats, installed the hot tub lining and plumbing and sealed off all the vehicle controls against water to make it work.

“For the next few years, The Carpool was a local hero: parked at parties on and off campus, in the end-zone of the homecoming game, anywhere that good times were being had,” they say on their Kickstarter website.

Their Kickstarter page includes all the details of their design, along with photos taken along the way.

They’ve turned to the crowdfunding website Kickstarter to ask for $10,000 to acquire what they need to take the Carpool Deville to the Bonneville Speedway.

If Carpool Deville successfully makes its debut at the race, it will be recognized as the fastest hot tub in the world.