CASBs And You [Infographic]

With all the new devices available today, your company may be considering a move to the cloud.  The convenience is unmatched- log in anywhere from any device and have access to all your documents.  This means that employees can work from home if there’s a snowstorm or even just relocate to a new part of the office to collaborate.  But with all the stories about data breaches in the cloud lately, it’s understandable if you have apprehensions.  Software as a service providers work hard to make sure their security is top notch, but it may be worthwhile to add an extra layer.  This is where cloud access security broker tools come in to play.

Cloud access security broker tools bolster security in a number of ways.  They can encrypt data to prevent it from being searched or accessed.  They can control traffic, only allowing those with permission in.  They can protect data in use over multiple devices.  They can also identify other cloud apps being used and whether they pose a threat.

All this is great, but if the security protocols are too difficult for your employees to adhere to fully, then your security measures are worthless.  It is important to choose cloud access security broker tools that are easy to use so they can be used correctly every time.  Learn more from this infographic.

CASBs And You