Case Remote Remotely Connects your DSLR Cameras to your Smartphone

With Case Remote, you can remotely control your DSLR camera from your Android or iOS devices. The first version of the device, simply called CASE, started out as a successful Indiegogo campaign, and the upgraded version, CASE Remote is currently being prepared for the market launch and again available for pre-order on Indiegogo.

Case Remote Lets You Wirelessly Control Once you connect the device to your camera, it connects wirelessly to your smartphone. Then you can see the camera’s live view image on your smartphone screen. You can manually adjust focus and modify most basic shooting parameters, such as shutter speed, aperture, ISO and white balance. The smartphone interface also allows for some degree of customization. The pictures you take using Case Remote can be shared instantly on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

The device is compatible with a range of camera makes and models like Nikon, Canon. However, it is said that the device does not support most Sony and Panasonic kit.

The IndieGogo Campaign has received so much support that Case Remote’s makers have already begun their second campaign and this time it for an upgraded version of Case Remote, despite supporters of the earlier campaign for a less full featured version not yet receiving their products.

The makers are now intending to ship the new Case Remote to all earlier backers at no extra cost. Currently the Case Remote is available for $79 to early Indiegogo backers ($99 or $129 thereafter), which includes accessories such as hot shoe adaptor and a strap wire.

Via : techcrunch