Caselace phone cover frees you from tangled, knotted headphone cables

Caselace phone cover 2

Tangled headphone wires are a headache, and it’s very common with those using small electronic devices like music players or smartphones. However, on Kickstarter, there is this nice product called Caselace that solves it for you in a decent way.

The concept is simple – how to hold the wire in such way that it doesn’t move and make a mess inside your pocket. For that, Caselace features patterns of wibbles on both outside edges of case.

Caselace phone cover

These wibbles are like hooks, which holds the wires and prevent entangling. The design has considered the feasibility of keeping user enabled to type text of read it on phone screen while headphones are wrapped around it.
Presently, the makers are rolling out Caselace for iPhone models, but if it could achieve its required funding amount before its deadline, 31 January 2015, then the makers are pledging to roll out similar cases for other phone-models and devices like iPod.

Caselace phone cover 3

You can grab rest of the details on Kickstarter along with information on customization options like brushed stainless steel, carbon fiber and Union Jack effect panels.

Caselace phone cover 4