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Stellar CCTV Recovery

Tips to Recover Deleted CCTV/DVR Videos from Crashed Hard Disk

Summary – The primary intent of this blog is to acquaint you with the ways by which you can recover deleted CCTV/DVR videos from crashed hard disk. Read on to know the tips that you can employ and obtain the deleted video files. Invented around the 1940s, Closed-Circuit Television – Digital Video Recorders or CCTV […]

uxurious and Environmentally Friendly: House Of Marley Headphones and Speakers

CES 2015: Meet House of Marley’s New Headphones, Earphones and speakers

House of Marley, formed in part by the family of Reggae icon Bob Marley, stand out in the electronics market by selling products crafted from sustainable eco-friendly materials like hemp, recycled aluminum, bamboo and Forest Stewardship council-certified woods. By selling its products, the company donates 5% of its profit to, the Marley family charitable […]

This Tiny Laptop Adapter Charges Two Other Devices At The Same Time

Zolt Laptop Adapter charges two devices simultaneously

Well, if you are travelling with your laptop from your home to office and back, you’d still be using the power adapter that came with it. However, if you are having second thoughts about buying a new one, or if you want to upgrade to something handier, there is this new alternative called the Zolt. […]

CES 2015: Seagate Seven is the slimmest portable hard drive out there

Seagate launches the world’s slimmest hard drive at CES 2015

Seagate has been expanding its range of storage devices with the launch of three new models: Wireless Mobile Storage, Seagate Seven and Seagate Personal Cloud. Well, of the three, we should agree that Seagate Seven is the most interesting one. In fact, it is the world’s slimmest portable hard drive with an ultra slim body […]


LG speakers you can control via text message

LG Electronics has now revolutionized music experience with their speakers which can actually be controlled through text messages. The Music Flow speaker system is showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The row of new speakers will be able to acknowledge text message commands through this service called Line. Well, we are all already familiar with controlling […]

Ultra-rugged cellphone 2

Ultra-rugged No.1 X-Men X1 phone – first of its kind

No.1 has broken the conventions associated with rugged phone models. Rather, it has brought its new X-Men X1 with promising ultra-rugged capabilities and better specs than others. You won’t find another ultra-rugged phone with a 5-megapixel front and 8-megapixel rear camera with 5-inch HD display anywhere in the world, we suppose. The manufactures of this […]