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Power Pen

The Power Pen charges your smartphone and writes too

These days, people rely on phones way too much. So, when the battery goes flat, it’s almost like everything comes to a stop and this definitely means disaster. However, technology has also advanced and now there are external charging devices which are finding their way into almost everything. Recently, there was a new addition to […]


Wireless MIDI music keyboard Miselu C.24 from SoftBank

An American startup, Miselu , has manufactured a new wireless MIDI music Keyboard C.24, which is due to be released around January 2015. However, SoftBank will be starting the sale of exclusive 500 units from December 16. The keyboard has enough feel of a realistic thing. The keyboard requires installation of free application “Miselu KEY” […]

Cicret bracelet

Cicret bracelet – Explore the world with just a touch on your arm

Over the months, we have been seeing wearable technology coming up with things weirder than ever. But, the thing you are about to see now is the weirdest of them all. A small tech company out of France lately disclosed the Cicret Bracelet. It is a kind of smart bracelet which projects a touchscreen on […]

Top 20 Gadgets

Top 20 Gadgets that simplify your Lifestyle in 2014

Looking for gadgets that are affordable, efficient and useful? Though there are tons of gadgets out there, very few of them are actually worth the money. Here are our picks for the most interesting, the most important, and the most awesome. Polaroid Socialmatic The good old Polaroid brand has not yet disappeared-with the Polaroid Socialmatic, […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs iPhone 6 Plus

Face off: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs iPhone 6 Plus

With Christmas approaching, most of us will be deciding which mobile phone to lay our hands on. Well, the new and most exciting ones in the market presently are the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 4. So, in case you are confused with which one to get, we’ll just see the pros and […]